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Fellows in KDMC training programs go on to produce media- and technology-rich stories at their home publications.

DNA Delay: Limited Resources Leave Rape Kits Untested

Suzanne Phan,, September 2012
News10 multimedia reporters Suzanne Phan and Maneeza Iqbal explore the dilemma surrounding untested rape kits- why so many of them remain untested and what impact that has on solving crimes. Link to the web article: In-depth multimedia project:

BASEBALL: Minor league batting statistics

Vanessa Franko,, June 2012
I am working with our sports staff to create searchable databases of our area's minor league baseball players. It was our first time using and publishing freeDive on the website.

The Wellstone Files: From protester to senator, the FBI tracked Paul Wellstone

Madeleine Baran, Minnesota Public Radio News, May 2012
FBI files show the long relationship between the FBI and Sen. Paul Wellstone. The 219-page FBI file, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, shows that although the FBI initially took interest in Wellstone as part of its surveillance of the American left, it later served as his protector, investigating death threats the freshman senator received for his views on the first Gulf War, and, in the end, helping sift through the wreckage of the fatal plane crash that killed Wellstone and seven others eight years ago. MPR News used Document Cloud to display the file online. Key sections were highlighted and annotated to provide context.

State failed to review troubled past of ousted Minn. Security Hospital administrator

Madeleine Baran, Minnesota Public Radio News, May 2012
The Minnesota Department of Human Services hired David Proffitt to run the state's largest facility for those deemed mentally ill and dangerous without conducting a thorough background check. If they had checked, they may have learned that Proffitt was arrested for domestic assault, provided inaccurate information about his education, and had resigned from his previous job in Maine after months of employee complaints. Minnesota Dept of Human Services officials ordered Proffitt to resign in late March. MPR News' reporting has prompted the state's legislative auditor to review the agency's hiring practices. That review is now underway.

See how much state aid your North Jersey town received

Bob Rebach,, April 2012
Searchable database of state aid to municipalities in Bergen and Passaic counties.

North Jersey school aid figures

Bob Rebach,, February 2012
Database of state aid to school districts.

School aid cuts did not lead to lower NJ test scores

Bob Rebach, The Record, February 2012
A look at the current standardized test scores

Interactive presentation: Vendors fund nearly half of incumbent Houston school trustees' campaigns

Jennifer Peebles, Texas Watchdog, October 2011
Texas Watchdog's analysis of three years' worth of campaign donations shows that vendors and contractors to the Houston Independent School District gave nearly half of all contributions to the nine incumbent school board members in the past three years.


Riccardo Stagliano', la Repubblica, October 2011
Science is still divided about the consequences of cellphones on our brains. There are two main studies, the international Interphone and those made by the swedish professor Lennart Hardell. The first one, at first sight, seems to deny a link. The second one accuses them, after 10 years of usage, of doubling the risk of developing a brain tumor. On May 31, 2011, Iarc, the specialized agency of the World Health Organization, has reversed his course by including cellphone radiations among "possible carcinogens" (group 2B)

Corn — a precious commodity on the table, in the tank

Margarita Persico, The Healthy Dish, June 2011
After participating at the KDMC’s fellowship “boot camp” the following week I put into practice and incorporated multimedia techniques I learned: video, map, chart and Storify. I linked the food aspect of this story to the importance of this commodity as a fuel alternative. “Corn is one of the most important commodities in the world. It is in products such as glue, makeup and alternative fuels…”

Locals Work to Stop Child Sex Trafficking Problem

Suzanne Phan, News10- KXTV Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, May 2011
Sacramento has ranked as high as second as a child prostitution hotspot in the U.S. It's up there with cities like Las Vegas, Chicago, New York City and Oakland. The subject of selling sex and children is disturbing to many people, but in the Sacramento region, many community groups have been galvanized to help combat the problem locally and globally. Web Producer Maneeza Iqbal and I created a comprehensive report to highlight the problem, anti-trafficking experts, pending legislation, and resources available. Check out the extended videos clips, maps, and charts.

The Gulf spill: A year later

Ron Harris, The AP, April 2011
This was one of our largest ongoing projects for 2010, and the updates continue. We weaved photos, video and some database work into this Flash interactive.

Faces of Freedom

Bill Ruminski,, April 2011
Photo editor Larry Ruehl read that more than 850 World War II veterans die each day across America, so the SouthtownStar set out to document the area men and women who served in the war while they were still with us. We photographed nearly 200 people, interviewed many of them and collected questionnaires from all of them. We published a special print section on Veterans Day and produced an online presentation that involved audio, video, a slideshow, a searchable database and an online map.

Healthy Hillsborough: How we eat, where we eat it and how it affects our lives

Daniela Velazquez, Tampa Tribune, April 2011
An in-depth look at some of the environmental factors that impact health in Hillsborough County, Florida, such as the number of fast-food restaurants, grocery stores and public parks.

Misuse of Welfare is Minimal, Data Show

Madeleine Baran, Minnesota Public Radio News, March 2011
Republican state lawmakers in Minnesota have proposed new restrictions to prevent poor people from spending welfare money on alcohol, tobacco and lottery tickets. However, available data suggests misuse of welfare money is minimal. Instead, people who receive welfare said the legislation would make it impossible to use the money for basic needs, like paying rent and doing laundry.

Census: Maricopa population tops 43,000

Michael Rich, InMaricopa, March 2011
Story on the newly released census data for the city of Maricopa.

Federal Money Accounts for a Quarter of Florida's Economy

Kevin Wiatrowski, Tampa Tribune/, November 2010
Examination of 2009 federal spending in Florida and Tampa Bay area shows who's likely to feel the pinch the most when and if newly elected members of Congress keep their pledges to rein in the budget deficit. With interactive map showing per-capita spending by Florida county, Flash-based graphics showing spending over time and breakdown by category, and searchable database of spending at all levels statewide.

Where the lottery takes the biggest bite

Kevin Wiatrowski, TBO Factfinders blog, November 2010
Flash map showing analysis of lottery ticket sales and Bright Futures scholarship awards by ZIP code in Hillsborough County, Fla.

Who wins or loses from mass immigration?

Ronald Campbell, The Orange County Register, October 2010
Part 3 of OC Register immigration series examines impact of immigration on wages. Scroll down left side of story to link to interactive charts showing shift in wages by education and occupation from 1970 to 2008.

California's addiction to immigrant labor

Ronald Campbell, The Orange County Register, October 2010
California is addicted to immigrant labor. Over the past four decades, the state has come to depend on immigrant brains and brawn to an extent unmatched by any other state and almost any developed country.

Crime on Cruise Ships

Jaclyn Giovis, Sun Sentinel, October 2010
Jaclyn Giovis presents video and data to help cruise passengers avoid crime.

OC Register Immigrant Labor Series

Ronald Campbell, Orange County Register, October 2010
April 2008 fellow Ron Campbell has posted Part 2 of OC Register's series on immigrants and the California economy. This part examines the breakdown of immigration law enforcement. Also see interactive maps (click the 'maps' tab).

Birds shift in annual migration

Kevin Wiatrowski, Tampa Tribune, October 2010
The print story on spring migration had a companion online story that linked readers to a Caspio database where they could input bird sightings around the Tampa Bay area. Sightings were tied to a Google map that plotted sightings by address or intersection. A separate photo gallery let birdwatchers upload photos of birds they had seen during the spring migration.

Your Government

Mark Friesen, The Oregonian, September 2010
This site allows you to find your state and U.S. representatives by entering your address and tracks all of their votes in the state legislature or congress. The site also tracks every bill through the Oregon Legislature, providing the status of the bill, vote results and links to the text of the bill and audio files of relevant committee meetings.

Couples and Cash

Kathy Chu, USA TODAY, September 2010
Meet our Money Makeover couples: These couples opened up their financial lives to USA TODAY and the Financial Planning Association. They were matched with financial planners to define their goals and map a path to reach them. Each Monday, we'll profile a couple, and each Friday, we'll offer tips on handling your own finances.

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