databases of statistical information


A wealth of demographic and other data is available on a city, county, state and national level in the United States.

But navigating the maze of government and private agencies that collect data to find statistics on a particular topic is often daunting.

This guide lists the websites of major government agencies and some private organizations where you can find online searchable databases and other statistical information on different subjects.

Many of the sites have data you can download, often in a spreadsheet format, and then use to create a data visualization or map mashup.

The guide is organized topically, so you can find databases with statistical information on specific subjects, such as crime, education, the environment, immigration, and so on.

It includes websites with data on California and California cities, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area.

National sites are listed first in each topical section, followed by sites with data on California and Bay Area cities.

Note: Besides databases with statistical information, there are many other online databases for locating information on a specific company or person, such as property ownership, criminal cases, civil court cases, business filings, professional licenses, etc.

For those types of databases, see the other Public Records Tutorials on the different topics.

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