picking the right media for a story


Here are the types of stories or aspects of stories that lend themselves to audio:

Emotions - audio is good for stories that are particularly emotional. The human voice especially evokes emotion.

Creating a mood - audio will set the tone on a story.

Reflection - audio is good for a story you want someone to reflect on, think about and ponder by listening, rather than watching a video as things go by.

Sense of a person - hearing someone's voice gives you a sense of who they are and creates an emotional attachment to them.

Central place in a story - audio can take you to a place - in your head. Thus ambient sound such as common, easily recognizable sounds can  take someone to a place.   

If you compare the kinds of stories that lend themselves to audio with those that are good for photos, you'll see a lot of similarities. That's one reason why photo slideshows with audio can be very effective - the two types of media complement each other. Examples:

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