5 Reasons to Start Using iPhone Video

5 Reasons to Start Using iPhone Video

by Diane Villadsen
Advantages of using iPhone video1) It’s compact. You can still produce and edit high-quality videos on the go, without having to bring lots of heavy gear with you. With just a pocket-sized device and a few accessories, you have a powerful video production suite that can travel with you. It’s also discreet, allowing you to capture moments without the fanfare of an entire video crew.

2) It’s user-friendly. The familiar touch interface of the iPhone allows for intuitive use of controls, and it’s also less intimidating to your subject.

3) It’s affordable. For brands on a tight budget, investing in an iPhone plus a few accessories demands only a fraction of the cost of a full suite of professional video equipment.

4) It’s high-tech. With motion stabilization, frame rate and resolution options, and integrated export features, your phone is a powerful video machine. It can even shoot in 4K – a resolution that exceeds what most of us will ever need, unless you’re producing movies for the big screen.

5) It’s always with you. You’ll never miss another moment of b-roll with your camera in your pocket.

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