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Video for Content Creators

mobile media iphone video workshop

REGISTER NOW back to top Video For Content Creators Your smartphone is able to shoot amazing HD video, act as a basic editing suite with professional-looking finishes, and then instantly distribute the material around the globe. Content creators, communication professionals, and journalists to social media acolytes, are now ditching bulky video cameras to rely on their handy smartphone. This…

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Photo Cameras

Photography has always been a crucial part of telling stories. Since the earliest cameras were invented, photographs have been used to document events and depict moments in time in ways that words often cannot. But through the years, photography has advanced technologically allowing journalists more capability to take better pictures more quickly and more efficiently. This…

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Digital Still Cameras

Tutorial: Digital Still Cameras By Paul Grabowicz, Scot Hacker, Mimi Chakarova, Jeremy Rue Introduction This tutorial covers principles of digital photography in general, but refers to these digital still Canon cameras as examples: PowerShot G1, G5, Pro1, Rebel XT If you have a different camera, you’ll find that the same functionality is present on your…

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Video Techniques

video techniques

VIDEO TECHNIQUES   BEFORE YOU BEGIN There are a few how-to-be-a-multimedia-journalist articles that are required reading for any aspiring new media journalist. You aren’t allowed pass GO and collect your $200 unless you take the time to familiarize yourself with these essential readings from the new media canon (according to us.) The list is always…

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In-Person Workshops Postponed In Response To COVID-19

Berkeley Advanced Media Institute’s Response to COVID-19 Update: July 1, 2022  Thank you for being a part of the Berkeley Advanced Media Institute online community.  All in-person workshops are still on hold for the time being. Currently, we are committed to providing innovative remote education through thoughtful, intentional online learning. As always, we work to…

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June 2013 Multimedia Institute: What you’ll take away

Multimedia Storytellers Join The Institute Every June we host a two-week Multimedia Storytelling Institute designed to equip journalists, educators and other communications professionals with the skills they need to produce and distribute their own multimedia projects. For those hoping to learn new storytelling tools, the prospect of dedicating two weeks to a workshop can be both thrilling and…

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Visual Storytelling with Photography

leaf and man with hat photo

REGISTER NOW back to top Visual Storytelling With Photography As digital media becomes more visually oriented, having the expertise and understanding of how to engage audiences through visual media becomes more important. Whether you’re a budding photographer, artist, videographer, or visual communications professional, being skilled in communicating messages, emotions, narratives and information in a way…

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Digital Media Gift Guide

Gift guide blog- features image: camera, video editing, ehadphones, microphones, data tools, certificate courses.

If you’re looking for a gift to give your storyteller friends and family this season, or you are looking to treat yourself, take a peek at these picks recommended across the web. Audio     Headphones Discover Pods has a comprehensive list for 30 of the Best Podcast Headphones, including factors to consider when choosing…

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Improve Your On-Cam Presence

Improve Your On-Cam Presence   Video conferencing, whether one-on-one or within a group, is a staple of modern life. Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and Slack calls might be made internally, or with external vendors, but most require a level of attention and poise to both convey and receive information effectively. As teams become more remote,…

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 Tutorial

adobe premiere pro tutorial 2019

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 Premiere Pro is a popular video editing software by Adobe that works on both Windows and on Apple computers. It is comparable to Apple’s Final Cut Pro video editing program, but has become the program of choice for many video producers. Premiere Pro is a non-destructive editing software, which means…

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