5 Ways to Tell a Story in 2016

5 Ways to Tell a Story in 2016


It’s been a while since we relied on gathering around the fire to hear a story. People now turn to many forms of digital media to get the information they want to know. Here are 4 important storytelling tools to make use of in 2016:


Producing a video is no longer restricted to big names in the movie industry. Professional cameras and editing software are within reach, not to mention that movie-making machines sit in our pockets everywhere we go. Video has taken over as the most engaging form of media on the internet. AJ+, an online news channel, has seen immense success on social media by sharing short, subtitled videos on current events.



Telling stories in sound can be hugely successful (Serial, anyone?). Masterfully combined audio leaves the visuals to the imagination and allows for a highly versatile listening experience – on the commute, in the office, or while doing dishes.

“The Science of Gratitude” (below) was produced by Berkeley AMI podcasting instructor Ben Manilla.



Having data to support your story is important, but no one likes looking at jumbles of numbers. There’s a place where “effective” meets “pretty,” and it’s called data visualization. Turn piles of metrics and stats into eye-pleasing charts and maps.

Below is an example of climate change data visualization by Berkeley AMI instructor & BuzzFeed reporter Peter Aldhous.

data visualization


Take control of how your content appears to your viewers. Make that blog post look just how you want it to look. Once you have a story to tell, you’ll need a way to present it online. Learn the fundamentals of HTML & CSS to equip yourself with the building blocks you’ll need to make all the elements of your story come to life.




Combine video, podcasting, and data visualization for a comprehensive way to tell your story to a diverse audience. Whether they want to watch, listen, or glance quickly at some complex information and understand it, you’ll have them covered.


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