What does it take to gain an education online? As distance learning becomes the norm, it becomes more necessary to adapt, evolve and maximize the experience of learning remotely.


Reinventing Education

Reinventing education. Navigating online-learning. How to keep children safe in the classroom. Who is the current education serving? How can we change it?

Fast Company’s series on the current state of schools and learning, Reinventing Education, explores “the ongoing efforts to keep children safe in the classroom, educate them remotely, and help their parents manage a new second shift.”

The series mainly focuses on lower education, but there are takeaways to be had for everyone engaging in online learning experiences. It raises questions like, who is the current education serving? How can we change it?



Remote Engagement

Remote engagement. Virtual learners. How to combat zoom fatigue. Remote learning doesn't have to be awful.


From that series comes the article: Remote learning doesn’t have to be awful. Here’s what actually works. Although it is aimed toward elementary school virtual learners, it is applicable to most of us. Keep Zoom calls short, simplify instructions, check in often, and give a sense of place.




Time Management

Time management. Setting your own structure. Juggling work during online-learning. 27 time management tips


One of the keys to learning online is setting your own structure that benefits the way you learn. At the top of this list is probably time management. Toggl has a list of 27 Time Management Tips that you might find helpful applying remotely, whether you are learning full time or juggling work with a part-time course load.




Get Ergonomic

Pay attention to Workstation Ergonomics. maximize your time in front of a computer comfortably. create a healthy office environment.



If you want to maximize your time in front of a computer, or at a desk, you should be paying attention to ergonomic workspaces. UCLA Health has a list of resources to create a healthy office environment remotely.





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