Expanded Education


Now more than ever, we are living in virtual spaces. Many people work remotely, socialize over devices and go to school online. The latter has many pitfalls and struggles, but it opens up the possibility to learn things never before accessible.

Here are some courses, lectures, and resources for expanding your knowledge base.



MIT course. Learn about the fundamentals of coronavirus. COVID course. Vaccines and Immunology.



MIT is offering the course COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 and the Pandemic this fall, featuring “lectures by leading experts on the fundamentals of coronavirus and host cell biology, immunology, epidemiology, clinical disease and vaccine therapeutic development.




Learn from Nature

Content collections from Biomimicry Institute. How does nature protect from pathogens? How does nature encourage resilience?



Explore the natural world’s solutions through a series of content collections from the Biomimicry Institute. Think about questions from “How Does Nature Protect from Pathogens?” to “How Does Nature Encourage Resilience?” and more.





Morning Java

Learn Morning Java. Free. Open Learning Initiative. Interactive course for beginners.



Learn Java for free from the Open Learning Initiative, in this interactive course for beginners. “Starting with the basics of computing and gradually progressing to fairly sophisticated problem solving such as binary search and insertion sort.”




Beyond Translation

Learn untranslatable words. Other languages. Eunoia. Language origin and search by keywords.



Expand your vocabulary by learning untranslatable words from other languages on the site Eunoia. They include language origin as well as a clip of each word’s audio, and you can search by keyword.





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