Employer Funded Training


If you’re employed and want to take a course or workshop to boost your skillset, you should be aware that your employer might pay for it. Here are some resources to help you write off your education expenses through employer funded training. 


Justifying Your Training

Get your employer to fund your training. Reduce education expenses.


Your employer may or may not have a system already in place for education credits. Even if they don’t, that doesn’t mean they won’t reimburse. Our guide on How to Convince Your Employer to Fund Your Training can help. We have included two templates for you to use, pre-populated with Berkeley Advanced Media Institute’s information, which can be customized to meet your needs to attend one of our courses, or a course elsewhere.



Tax Deductions

Tax Deductions, reduce educational expenses



This guide from H&R Block shows the details involved in How to Deduct Education Expenses for both employed and self-employed individuals.






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