7 Podcast Series to Get You Started


New to podcasts and want to get started with something interesting and captivating? Here is the list of 7 podcast series we’re listening to right now.

The Why Factor

• Genre: Science, Psychology, Explained

• Content: Each week, listeners are presented with an idea and topic of human-centered interest and then taken through a series of investigative interviews to “find out why we do what we do.”

• Suggested Episode: Sleepwalking

The Memory Palace

• Genre: History

• Content: Little snippets of little-known history, beautifully told by host/creator Nate Dimeo. A great example of the power of narrative storytelling in audio, using little more than brilliant writing.

• Suggested Episode: Picture a Box

More or Less

• Genre: Science, Statistics, Explained, Debunked

• Content: A weekly programme that investigates, debunks, or elaborates figures and statistics reported all over the world to answer one question: are these numbers credible and reliable or misleading at best and completely inaccurate at worst?

• Suggested Episode: Is dementia the number one killer?

Song Exploder

• Genre: Music, Interviews

• Content: Great interviews with artists explaining their songs, expertly mixed with a breakdown of the song itself. It would be hard to do this so effectively in any other medium.

• Suggested Episode: Stranger Things

Closer Than They Appear

• Genre: Narrative Interviews

• Content: Interesting for its deliberate combination of introspective narration from the host and interviews with guests, as well as the fact that all the music comes from human voices (thanks to Oakland-based beatbox group Antique Naked Soul).

• Suggested Episode: How Did I Get Here?

The Daily

• Genre: News

• Content: Smart “repackaging” of the news resources of the New York Times into a short, digestible (if a little self-serious) morning report on an important story of the day.

• Suggested Episode: Tonya Harding


• Genre: Science, Storytelling, Narrative

• Content: “Unseeable forces control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. Invisibilia—Latin for invisible things—fuses narrative storytelling with science that will make you see your own life differently.”

• Suggested Episode: Emotions

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