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Photo Cameras

Cameras Very recently, a series of hybrid cameras have hit the market that allow both the benefits of an SLR still camera and a professional HD video camera. These cameras

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…digital video camera, you first need to connect your camera to the computer, so iMovie will detect the camera and allow you to start capturing video clips. Connecting the Video

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 Tutorial

adobe premiere pro tutorial 2019

…your project and media files. Premier Pro is taught in three of our workshops. For a hands-on video editing experience join Premiere Pro for Intermediate Video Editors or Advanced Video

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Video Techniques

video techniques

…that it sees. Video cameras also usually come with white balance pre-sets, such as artificial light or natural sunlight. MANUAL EXPOSURE The auto exposure on digital video cameras is generally…

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Multimedia Storytelling: learn the secrets from experts

…Good audio with video is critical. Bad audio makes video seem worse than it is and detracts from the drama of still photos. Good audio makes still photos and video

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Taxonomy of Digital Story Packages

…slideshow, graphics or shorter videos, below the videos. As the main video plays, different multimedia elements are highlighted. If you click on the highlighted element, the main video will pause…

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Digital Still Cameras

cameras store photographs as digital bits on a memory card or tiny hard drive, as opposed to the film used in traditional cameras. Rather than developing and printing film, digital…

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Video for Content Creators | Online

mobile media iphone video workshop

REGISTER NOW back to top Course Overview This new online video course for content creators will show you how to shoot and edit great looking videos on your smartphone. Your…

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Start-to-Finish Storyboarding

…Next, divide the contents of the story among the media — video, still photos, audio, graphics and text. Decide what pieces of the story work best in video. Video is…

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…virtual reality & 360 video. Lakshmi Sarah has produced video and written pieces for newspapers, radio and magazines from Gaborone, Botswana to Los Angeles, California. She has produced video for…

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