Data Visualization in Healthcare


As the race to finish a coronavirus vaccine draws near, people are asking the question: Who gets it first? Choosing priority is nothing new to healthcare systems – triage and patient management are important skills to hospitals and systems at large. What factors into those decisions?

Data visualization in healthcare works as it does at large: providing insight into patterns and correlations, making data analysis more efficient and highlighting takeaways. Here are a few examples from around the web that explore healthcare data through visualization.

Your Place In Line

FIND YOUR PLACE IN THE VACCINE LINE. This image contains a picture with individuals standing in a line.


The New York Times, working with Surgo Foundation and Ariadne Labs, offers this interactive visualization tool Find Your Place in the Vaccine Line.

New York Times also defines “essential” and “frontline” workers in this visualization from Matthew Conlen.




Medical Data Viz

How data visualization is transforming the health care industry


Modus presents How Data Visualization is Transforming the Health Care Industry with examples like infographics, motion graphics, interactive widgets and dashboards. They argue that data viz not only helps medical professionals analyze data, but provides transparency as well.




Research Findings

Data Visualizations can help practitioners provide personalized care. This user-centered design study concludes that visualizations can help practitioner’s provide personalized care: Data Visualizations to Support Health Practitioners’ Provision of Personalized Care for Patients With Cancer and Multiple Chronic Conditions: User-Centered Design Study

This paper published in the Journal of Biomedical Informatics supports that better visualization of system and individual status can aid in better decision-making: Dashboard visualizations: Supporting real-time throughput decision-making


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