Ideas For Podcasting


If you want to start a podcast, but not quite sure where to start, or if you are interested in adding new segments that change up the feel of your current podcast, check out these articles below. There are also ideas to help you promote your new podcast.

A New Idea

200+ free ideas for your next podcast



This lengthy, and fairly tongue-in-cheek, article lists More than 200 free ideas for your next podcast. Some may be silly, but they’re bound to spark inspiration.





Segment Ideas

segment ideas



Looking for a jumping off point for starting a podcast, or just want to mix up your normal audio structure? Check out 13 Creative Podcast Segment Ideas from Live365.





Ideas for Promotion

16 ways to promote your podcast



Got a podcast ready to go? Berkeley Advanced Media Institute’s 16 Ways To Promote Your Podcast can help you get it out into the world.






Want to enhance your audio storytelling skills and put your ideas into work? Sign up for the Podcasting: Telling Stories in Sound Online course starting on January 11, 2021.

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