Family Dynamics Visualized


The holidays are a time when family comes together, and people reflect on the relationships and the histories that make up their life and lineage. We take a look at how families are visualized through relational names, family trees and migration maps.

Family Name Calling

Family Name calling - Genealogy visualization by the Flowing Data.


Here is an interactive visual for those oft-perplexing family names. Figure out what to call your family members in Flowing Data’s What To Call Your Distant Relative.


Or check out their Chart of Cousins for more.




As a Tree Grows

Genealogy mapped in Tableau!


If you are getting into visualizing genealogy, check out 12 Generations Mapped In Tableau, or this example Navigating Your Family History in Tableau, or this yWorks guide on Drawing Family Trees With JavaScript.





Mapping Migration

Mapping Migration

Part of understanding your family history is looking at genealogical diaspora and migration data. California Academy of Sciences created this Human Odyssey interactive map visualizing human migration from the origin of modern humans.

Also check out: National Geographic’s The World’s Congested Human Migration Routes in 5 Maps, and the Migration Policy Institute’s Net Number of Migrants by Country, 1950-2015 (by Five-Year Intervals).



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