Interactive Data Visualizations


Data visualizations make the complex more accessible. The illustration of data as charts, graphs, maps and graphics can give us new ways to look at information, and potentially gain more insight. By incorporating interactive elements into the visualizations, audiences can further experience what the data has to show.

Here are a few examples of interactive data visualizations, and tools you can use to achieve some.


A Dynamic Book

picture contains a book cover that reads "I am a Book. I am a portal to the universe." This is an example of an interactive data visualization.


I am a book. I am a portal to the universe. This book is “an informative, interactive experience, in which the data can be touched, felt and understood, with every measurement represented on a 1:1 scale…. [it blends] playful design and data storytelling to introduce scientific concepts to a broad, all-ages readership.” What are your thoughts on the ways in which interactive data visualizations can be used to reimagine the presentation of data?



Mask Multiplication

Picture contains two individuals wearing a mask. Interactive data visualization by Aatish Bhatia and Minute Physics shows the power of wearing masks.



An explorable essay on how masks can end COVID-19” illustrates the multiplicative protection of mask wearers and the people around them. Check out this interactive data visualization to showcase the power of a mask!





Interactive Tools

6 interactive tools for data visualization analyzed by Constructive



Constructive has a list of 6 Great Interactive Data Visualization Tools to get you started. Which data visualizations tools have been helpful for your daily use?






History in Action

This picture contains a timeline and it says "TimelineJs" "Create interactive timelines." This is a resources to create interactive data visuals



TimelineJS is a tool from Knight Lab for creating interactive timelines. View tips and examples to inspire you through your data visualization journey.





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