Podcasts on Voting


Citizens exercising the right to vote is a key part of democracy. As we head into the U.S. Presidential election, many are focused on getting more people to vote. One of the ways to encourage voting is through podcasting.

Here are a few podcasts that are focusing on getting people to vote through exploring its history, importance, and processes.



PBS Podcast NOVA Now and its episode "The hidden Science of Main-in Voting."


A new podcast from NOVA and Dr. Alok Patel that explores the “science behind headlines” tackles vote-by-mail in its first episode. Listen to The Hidden Science of Mail-in Voting to explore what happens to ballots that travel by mail, and how to make sure it’s counted.





KQED Forum

Podcast by KQED Forum "Election 2020: Your Voting Questions Answered." Podcasting as a means of getting people to vote.


KQED Forum’s episode Election 2020: Your Voting Questions Answered dives into questions about the vote-by-mail process along with the issues and candidates. President and founder of the nonpartisan California Voter Foundation, Kim Alexander, answers the audience’s questions.





Limited Edition Podcast by Katie Couric "Turnout"


This new limited-series podcast from Katie Couric takes a look at “how voting works in America – and who gets to do it”. In her second episode, she explores the struggle for Black enfranchisement, voter suppression, and restoring voting rights to those with past convictions.




All My Relations

Podcast called Vote (If You Want to & Can)



All My Relations podcast’s episode Vote (If You Want To & Can) appeals to listeners to vote through the lens of protecting Indigenous rights and making voices heard.





Why I’m Voting

Podcast by iHeartRadio "Why I'm Voting"



iHeartRadio brings Why I’m Voting, a podcast that features 20 celebrities and podcasters. It explores “the personal, emotional and heartfelt stories behind why showing up to the ballot box means so much – not just as individuals, but for our entire nation.”




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