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Ben Manilla on the Power of Podcasting

Ben Manilla on the Power of Podcasting

An expert in creative sound production, Ben Manilla teaches the Podcasting: Telling Stories in Sound workshop at the Berkeley Advanced Media Institute. In this video interview, he shares his insight into what makes audio storytelling so powerful. According to a recent study released by Edison Research, 1 in 5 Americans are listening to a podcast every month – and that number is only growing. Ben believes that podcasts are so successful because of the intimate connection they hold with the listener, making them one of the most effective ways to communicate a message to an audience.

The power of podcasting comes from the direct, intimate relationship that the listener has with the program, with the communication that they’re getting through their ears.
And I firmly believe that what you consume through your ear goes straight to your heart,
That what you consume through your eyes goes straight to your brain.
If you as a person trying to get a message across, whether it’s a corporate message or an individual message…
If you want to really touch somebody deeply, the way to do that is through the ear, is through the podcast.

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