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Video Interview with 3-Time Workshop Alumna Christine Sarkis on Social Media Growth

Video Interview with 3-Time Workshop Alumna Christine Sarkis on Social Media Growth

Christine Sarkis, Senior Editor at Smarter Travel, has attended three Berkeley AMI workshops: Social Media for Content Creators, Mobile Media: Producing Visual Stories on the iPhone, and Podcasting: Telling Stories in Sound. She has produced multiple videos for Smarter Travel – all on her iPhone – and attributes the growth of her social media channels and increase in traffic to her website to the original content that she has been creating, as well as to the growth and engagement strategies she learned in the social media workshop.

I took social media for content creators, the podcasting workshop, and mobile movie-making also.
I loved all of them.
I came away totally energized
and ready to use the information that I had gotten in all of them
which I think is the sign of a really good workshop.
In 2014 we had about 750,000 page views.
That number went up to 2.3 million page views in 2015.
All of those changes happened after I took the social media workshop.
I think the thing that I got from the workshops that I found very empowering
was the sense, like, you’ve got this, you can do this.
This isn’t some mysterious thing that you need to outsource,
it’s something that you can do in-house.

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