Sound Design for Storytellers


Sound design is a crucial part of audio and video storytelling, giving depth and life to podcasts, film, audio books and more.

Listen to real examples of podcasts that use sound effectively, find resources for your own productions, and learn the principles of sound design yourself.


Design-Heavy Podcasts

Sound waves in the background with a headphone in the front.


This list of 10 Podcasts That Use Sound Effects To Stir Emotion from We Edit Podcasts is a good start for examples. Shows like Radiolab, Hidden Brain, Reply All and more do an expert job blending sound effects, music, and ambient to create rich stories.

Read on: Exemplary Uses of Sound Design in Podcasts selects specific episodes that use sound design exceptionally well. Take a listen.




How to Find and Use Media Assets (Legally). Image of a book with headphones on it.



There are many sound effects libraries that offer free and royalty-free effects. This Berkeley Advanced Media Institute guide offers sound effects and music libraries to pull from.





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