Visualizing Risk


As coronavirus case numbers continue to rise across the globe, we take a look at how COVID risk is being visualized. Calculate your potential risk, see how coronavirus is spread indoors, and the impact of wearing masks.

Choose Your Own Risk

calculate your risk with this covid risk calculator by microcovid project.


The microCOVID project is “a calculator that lets you estimate the risk of getting COVID from a wide range of activities, using the best research available. We hope this tool will help hone your intuition, lower your stress levels, and figure out good harm-reduction strategies.”

If you’re interested, read through their methodologies and learn how their model works.



Indoor Spaces

Minimize your indoor risk by look at these visualizations regarding the spread of covid indoors.



El Pais offers this interactive scroller visualization on minimizing risk indoors. A room, a bar and a classroom: How coronavirus is spread through the air.





Masks On



The New York Times visualizes how masks block COVID at the particle level, in another scrolling interactive set of illustrations and visualizations.

This data visualization from July via NPR shows how mask wearing can reduce the virus spread by 30%, and the lasting impact that has over time.




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