Tableau & Data Visualizations For Public Health

tableau & data visualization for public health

Tableau & Data Visualizations For Public Health Data visualization is an important tool for public health practitioners to communicate complex data and information to the public, policymakers, and other stakeholders. Tableau is a powerful tool for data visualization that offers many benefits for public health practitioners. By using Tableau, public health practitioners can create compelling…

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How I Approach A Data Visualization Story

Cal Fire’s records of areas burned by decade, 1950-2017.

How I approach a data visualization story: A California wildfire story By Peter Aldhous, Data, Science and Investigative Reporter, and Instructor Find the story by exploring the data As a journalist who makes charts and maps to find and tell stories, I typically start with questions to ask of the data, or a clear idea…

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Advanced Data Analytics & Visualization With R

Advanced Data Analytics & Visualization Bootcamp

Advanced Data Analytics & Visualization With R back to top Advanced Data Analytics & Visualization With R Compelling stories with data visualizations grab your attention and spark discussion. Great data storytelling takes narrative, analysis, and technical understanding. This course takes you step-by-step through the process of cleaning, processing and analyzing curated public data using the…

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Data Visualization For Storytellers

data visualization on screen

Data Visualization For Storytellers back to top Data Visualization For Storytellers Data visualization skills are essential to analyzing and communicating large amounts of information for understanding and decision making. A good visualization will tell a story by highlighting the important trends and outliers working to combine analysis with great storytelling. This online certificate-earning course is…

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Copyright & Use Glossary

As you gather media assets like images, videos, sound effects or music for your project, it’s important to understand the rules and regulations for use of material that is not your own. This glossary is a guide to help you understand the basic terminology of copyright and use. Copyright: The exclusive legal right, given to…

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How To Use Color In Data Visualization

Color Theory Basics For Data Visualization   The Color Wheel The visible spectrum is commonly divided into six main colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. The color wheel is the organization of primary and secondary colors (with or without tertiary colors) around a circle. Arranging colors in this way illustrates the relationships between…

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Real Estate Records Glossary

real estate records glossary

This tutorial contains a list of common terms used in real estate records that can be useful for making sense of the records. abstract of title: a summary or condensation of the essential parts of all recorded instruments which affect a particular piece of real estate, arranged in the order in which they were recorded.…

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How To Make A Relief Map Using Blender

To make a relief map using Blender, you’ll need to fist install a few tools. The first are some command line utilities in a package called Gdal. The easiest way to install these on a Mac is by first installing the homebrew package manager. Install Homebrew (Mac) You can see the instructions to install homebrew on…

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How To Build A Basic Webpage In HTML

Intro to HTML This page describes how to build a basic HTML webpage with no styling. It’s important to remember that HTML is about marking up the content of the page, not about design. Design comes later with CSS. Download a Plain Text Editor In order to code HTML pages, you will need to have a “plain text”.…

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Data Visualization Glossary

Terms and definitions can lay the foundation for understanding larger concepts and practical applications within Data Visualization. The following data visualization glossary contains a few important ideas to know when starting to work with data.   Basic Terms & Definitions Data Visualization: The graphical representation of information. Data is encoded into elements like length, slope,…

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