Data Visualization

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Visualizing Data: A Guide to Chart Types

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Graphic Design for Data Visualization

In this video recording you'll learn best practices and get useful tips in graphic design when working with data to create visual stories. You'll be inspired to explore data and share stories with data visualizations.   Originally produced live as an interactive tutorial for health professionals. Produced by Berkeley Advanced Media Institute with Mariana Santos, Interactive & Animation Director at Fusion, and Founder at Chicas Poderosas for CAHealthViz. To learn more about how to build creative data visualizations and storytelling, join us for an upcoming Data Visualization ... Read more

Spreadsheet Basics

Spreadsheet Basics Note, this video only displays properly in Safari Your browser does not support iframes. Please use a modern browser Read more

Protovis Part 5: Swap external data

Tutorial: Protovis Part 5: Swap external data By Len De Groot Introduction It's time to use what we learned it the previous tutorials. In this Protovis tutorial, we're going to change the bar chart that we made in the last tutorial into a line chart, swap external data files and build on the existing graphic. We're also going to use an animation technique to make it easier for users to interact with small visual elements like lines. By the time you're done with this tutorial, ... Read more

Protovis Part 4: External data and animated labels

Tutorial: Protovis Part 4: External data and animated labels By Len De Groot Introduction Now that you have mastered the basics of Protovis, it's time to learn how to load data from an external data file. Using external data has two obvious benefits. First, it simplifies the code, making it easier to work with. Second, the data can be updated without having to rework the code on a page. We'll work with a JSON file. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It's similar to XML but it's ... Read more

Protovis JavaScript Charts: Part 1

Tutorial: Protovis JavaScript Charts: Part 1 By Len De Groot Introduction The Protovis JavaScript library allows users to create and design graphics with a bare minimum of programing. Libraries are collections of small programs that are called by JavaScript on an html page. They take care of the difficult programming so you spend less time writing code and more time making graphics. The code and data are housed on your servers so you are in control. It also insures that they are viewable on mobile ... Read more

Embedding Map Mashups

Tutorial: Embedding Map Mashups By Scot Hacker   Introduction Why does WordPress keep stripping out my carefully created map mashup? Now that you've learned how to create map mashups, adding them to your site should be a simple matter of copy-and-paste, right? Not so fast - there are a number of issues you may run into when trying to insert the map embed code provided by Google and other providers to your site. We'll cover a few of those here. For now, we're just covering this problem ... Read more

Geotagging and Mapping Photos

Tutorial: Geotagging and Mapping Photos By Timothy Lesle   Introduction One of the best ways to take advantage of the possibilities of multimedia is to include a map with your story. The use of maps have found multiple applications, from real estate to travel, even plotting sites where crime occurs. Geotagging, or geocoding, is the process of tagging photographs with location data in order to display them on a map. It is increasingly popular as free online mapping tools become more sophisticated. Here, we will introduce you ... Read more


Tutorial: ZeeMaps By Abbie Swanson   Introduction Created by the Silicon Valley-based company Zee Source, ZeeMaps is great for mapping lists. You can import address lists in industry-standard .csv [comma separated value] format. ZeeMaps will geocode the address and place the locations on a Google map. Each map marker contains information you've pre-formatted and identified in your .csv file and can include website links, photos and YouTube videos. After you've added all the information you want, you'll have a map that can be easily published ... Read more
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