Data Visualization

Free Stock Photos Resources

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Visualizing Data: A Guide to Chart Types

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Graphic Design for Data Visualization

In this video recording you'll learn best practices and get useful tips in graphic design when working with data to create visual stories. You'll be inspired to explore data and share stories with data visualizations.   Originally produced live as an interactive tutorial for health professionals. Produced by Berkeley Advanced Media Institute with Mariana Santos, Interactive & Animation Director at Fusion, and Founder at Chicas Poderosas for CAHealthViz. To learn more about how to build creative data visualizations and storytelling, join us for an upcoming Data Visualization ... Read more

Spreadsheet Basics

Spreadsheet Basics Note, this video only displays properly in Safari Your browser does not support iframes. Please use a modern browser Read more

Embedding Map Mashups

Tutorial: Embedding Map Mashups By Scot Hacker   Introduction Why does WordPress keep stripping out my carefully created map mashup? Now that you've learned how to create map mashups, adding them to your site should be a simple matter of copy-and-paste, right? Not so fast - there are a number of issues you may run into when trying to insert the map embed code provided by Google and other providers to your site. We'll cover a few of those here. For now, we're just covering this problem ... Read more

Geotagging and Mapping Photos

Tutorial: Geotagging and Mapping Photos By Timothy Lesle   Introduction One of the best ways to take advantage of the possibilities of multimedia is to include a map with your story. The use of maps have found multiple applications, from real estate to travel, even plotting sites where crime occurs. Geotagging, or geocoding, is the process of tagging photographs with location data in order to display them on a map. It is increasingly popular as free online mapping tools become more sophisticated. Here, we will introduce you ... Read more

Map Mashups: Collaboration

Tutorial: Map Mashups: Collaboration By Staff Trainer Introduction Map mashups are already an important reporting tool. As news organizations expand their use of teams comprised of professionals and amateurs, map mashups provide a ready, easy way to build successful projects. Map mashup collaboration can also lead to direct engagement—with active monitoring and filtering— with the community at large. Build a Google Map The first step in the collaboration process is to build a Google map. For detailed instructions for building a Google map, see the Berkeley ... Read more

Google Map Basics

Tutorial: Google Map Basics By Staff Trainer   Introduction This tutorial will show you how to create your first Google map. These step-by-step instructions are guaranteed to get you started in one of the coolest—and easiest—Web technologies. Getting there Step 1 Go to and sign in.   Step 2 Log in with your Google account. If you do not have an account you can create your free account here. Step 3 Click Maps in the top navigation. Bring up an address   Step 4 This is the Google Maps starting point. Enter the address you want to ... Read more

Using Spreadsheet Data in Google Maps and Google Earth

Tutorial: Using Spreadsheet Data in Google Maps and Google Earth By Staff Trainer Introduction This step-by-step tutorial will get you publishing map mashups without writing any code. By using the free Spreadsheet Mapper 2.0 from Google you can create quickly create maps containing dozens or even hundreds of map points. You will need basic spreadsheet skills for this tutorial. Getting Started Step 1 Login to Google and search Google Spreadsheet Mapper 2.0. Click the link to go to the Tutorial: Spreadsheet Mapper 2.0 page. or, click on the following link: ... Read more

Data Visualization: Basics

Tutorial: Data Visualization: Basics By Len De Groot   Introduction Data visualizations, frequently referred to as information graphics, are a powerful tool that will inform and educate your readers. Often important data-heavy information can bog down a narrative or slow the pacing of a story. That data might be edited out to streamline a story or put into a table for readers to browse. A better solution is to use simple graphics that can be created in minutes and delivered for free using web tools.  These ... Read more
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