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KDMC has hosted dozens of speakers during our digital media training sessions, and most of them are webcast live. Here are presentations filed under "Social Media." See also: Webcasts archive

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Complete list of Social Media presentations:

The Future of Technology and Storytelling

David Pescovitz of BoingBoing.net and Institute for the Future delivers the closing keynote of kdmcBerkeley's Multimedia Storytelling Institute July 29th, 2012.

The Changing World of Journalism

Finding Stories in the Social Stream

Burt Herman is the creator of Storify - a real time curation platform that helps people find the best of social media and turn it into a story. Herman also found the Hacks and Hackers group, which unifies journalists and developers to create innovative publishing platforms. Herman also holds a Fellowship at the Knight Stanford program, where he studies Silicon Valley's culture of innovation. In this presentation, Herman shows how to assemble and share stories with Storify, then embed them onto other sites to increase reach and engagement.

The Teeth on the Gears of Your Engagement Machine

Grant Barrett is the Engagement Editor at non-profit news community site Voice of San Diego. In this talk, Barrett discusses the importance of "social news" - "the stuff that could change the fabric of the city." Barrett says: "The journalist is the guide. The reporter isn't just a person who generates copy - s/he's a person who guides the community toward answers."

What to Do About the Social Web

Timothy Jordan is a Google developer advocate. He describes how journalists can update communication methodologies and use social media to engage audiences.

Lessons from Video, Data and Interactive Graphics

Laura Sparks talks to KDMC workshop fellows about multimedia storytelling and shares examples from the Wisconsin State Journal. Her advice: Choose the right tools for the job. Make strategic decisions about when multimedia storytelling is worth the time investment. Don't be afraid to experiment. She has found that multimedia storytelling is amply rewarded in reader engagement.

Lessons for 4-Wheel Journalism

Ben Ilfeld is the Chief Operating Officer of SacramentoPress.com, a hyperlocal news site focusing on the Sacramento Metro Area. On Sunday, March 21, 2010 Ilfeld spoke to fellows attending the KDMC's Independent Journalism Workshop, sharing how to "create, sustain and grow" a lively, citizen-friendly news site. Here, he covers the advantages of being able to update an online article as a story develops over time; the different ways that users interact with online news publications; the importance of keeping the community at the center of every media business; how to attract advertisers, and much more.

Journalists as Curators. Journalists as Scholars.

Josh Korr, director of product management for Publish2, shares how curation can build an audience, grow a community, and bring journalism into the realm of scholarship.

Developing Social Media Workflow in Your Newsroom

Sona Patel, Social Media Producer, SeattleTimes.com, is a KDMC fellow who has returned to share the successful methods she uses to engage readers via Twitter and Face Book.

Journalism Dying Journalism Shmying

Jane E. Stevens, director of online strategies, The World Company talks to the fellows about social media and how it can help fund journalism.

Filling the Void in Community News Coverage

Margaret Wolf Freivogel, founding editor, and Nicole Hollway, St. Louis Beacon talks to the fellows about applying new media to help enhance stories and also how to survive in the journalism world.

There Will be Swearing, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept Mistakes

Justin Ellis, Staff Writer, Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram discusses his experiences producing multimedia for his newspaper's web site, during the year following his training at the Knight Digital Media Workshop. He emphasized the importance of being resilient, patient, and having a positive attitude when doing his work.

A Journalist's Guide to the Digital Age

Mark Briggs speaks to the fellows about the new information ecosystem and the emergence of independent journalism. Briggs outlines what new skills independent journalists should acquire and how to make journalism marketable in the digital world.

Everything You Should Know in 10,000 Words

Mark Luckie, 10,000 Words, talks to the fellows about building a brand and the new ways to tell stories and embrace your audience.

SEO: Getting Found

Technology is changing and journalism should change with it, says Charlene Li, co-author of "Groundswell".  Li talks about listening to the community you want to serve, using Web tools to achieve your goals, and preparing for the future of journalism and social networking.

Economics of Journalism Today and Tomorrow

The days of merely writing a story are long gone. Mutter details how journalists must use the vast resources of the Web to not only survive, but thrive in today's age of digital interactivity.  He covers everything from crowdsourcing to widgets to reputation ranking.

Strategies for Hyper-local News

Logan Molen, Vice President Interactive Media, The Bakersfield Californian talks to the fellows about technology and how it can help in their newsrooms.

Facebook, Social Networking and the News

Jerimiah Owyang, senior analyst at Forrester Research, presents Facebook, Social Networking and the News at the March 2008 Technology Training for Editors workshop.

Social Networking Sites as a Reporting Resource

Jose Antonio Vargas, staff writer, Washington Post and Meg Smith, researcher, Washington Post talk to the fellows about social networking sites and how they can help in reporting.

Doing Stories in Flash

A panel of Oakland Tribune reporters, photographers and editors talk about multimedia, the excitement of flash storytelling and the future of the newsrooms.