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KDMC produces a wealth of digital media tutorials to support our training sessions and classes. While the focus of some tutorials is on technology and journalism, most are general enough to be of use to anyone.

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Getting Started with Facebook for Journalists

Journalists can use Facebook to get leads, find sources, get feedback, partner with the audience, promote stories and publications and much more. However, all of this starts with a basic step-by-step understanding of how Facebook works.  Getting started with Facebook can be intimidating for some journalists. This tutorial will guide you through the basics of getting your own account and setting your initial privacy settings. 

Twitter for Journalists

Twitter is a powerful tool for journalists, who use it for everything from finding sources to engaging the public in communities drawn across lines of interest. This tutorial offers an introduction to Twitter and how journalists can best utilize it.

Social Media Links and Resources

Additional reading, related software, training and more.