Interactive Data Visualizations

Interactive Data Visualization Tools

  Data visualizations make the complex more accessible. The illustration of data as charts, graphs, maps and graphics can give us new ways to look at information, and potentially gain more insight. By incorporating interactive elements into the visualizations, audiences can further experience what the data has to show. Here are a few examples of…

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Free Data Visualization Tools

Data Visualization Tools: Datawrapper, Tableau Public, OpenRefine, TimelineJS, Chartbuilder, ColorBrewer

  Learning to work with data might be complex, but it doesn’t have to be costly. While there are paid tools and services that offer full functionality and might meet the needs of power users or businesses, there are many robust free and open source solutions out there to try.   Here are a handful…

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Voting in Visuals

  How do we tell complex stories? Let’s explore this question by looking through data visualizations created for the 2020 presidential election. Before getting to these examples, let’s understand what we mean by data visualization. Data visualization can be a compelling way to communicate the complexities of information through graphs, charts, maps, and other visuals.…

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Employer Funded Training

Tax deductions for educational expenses. Picture includes a Tax form with a magnifying glass that shows money being cut. On the right is a picture of a laptop with a notebook which has an image showing a person giving money to another.

  If you’re employed and want to take a course or workshop to boost your skillset, you should be aware that your employer might pay for it. Here are some resources to help you write off your education expenses through employer funded training.    Justifying Your Training   Your employer may or may not have…

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Visualization of Fires in the West

Images visualizing fires in the west. California map. Global warming. Trees. Data visualization

  Wildfires have raged across California and the Pacific Northwest, burning millions of acres. Let’s take a look at ways to visualize the impact of these fires.   100 Years of Burning     Watch how data visualization was used to portray the change of the severity and frequency of fires in this animated map…

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  What does it take to gain an education online? As distance learning becomes the norm, it becomes more necessary to adapt, evolve and maximize the experience of learning remotely.   Reinventing Education Fast Company’s series on the current state of schools and learning, Reinventing Education, explores “the ongoing efforts to keep children safe in…

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Expanded Education

MIT course, coronavirus, learning untranslatable words, morning java, how does nature enhance our resilience?, courses for beginners

  Now more than ever, we are living in virtual spaces. Many people work remotely, socialize over devices and go to school online. The latter has many pitfalls and struggles, but it opens up the possibility to learn things never before accessible. Here are some courses, lectures, and resources for expanding your knowledge base.  …

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Spring 2019 Workshops Announced!

  This spring, Berkeley Advanced Media Institute is producing eight exceptional workshops in multi-media storytelling. Designed for the career professional, Berkeley Advanced Media Institute specializes in multi-media instruction including; documentary filmmaking, podcast story development, advanced video editing, visual story creation using your iPhone and data visualization. Every workshop is developed to inspire creativity and increase…

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