Ready To Choose Your Podcast Format?

podcast formats

If you’re considering creating a podcast, the first step is to think about the format that will best tell your story. While there are many podcast formats, choosing the right one is crucial for engaging your audience and keeping them coming back for more.

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Data Visualization in Healthcare

Data visualization in health care. image contains people standing in a line. background has a bar chart.

  As the race to finish a coronavirus vaccine draws near, people are asking the question: Who gets it first? Choosing priority is nothing new to healthcare systems – triage and patient management are important skills to hospitals and systems at large. What factors into those decisions? Data visualization in healthcare works as it does…

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Ideas For Podcasting

  If you want to start a podcast, but not quite sure where to start, or if you are interested in adding new segments that change up the feel of your current podcast, check out these articles below. There are also ideas to help you promote your new podcast. A New Idea     This…

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Family Dynamics Visualized

Family Visualization Featured image containing all the images included in this blog

  The holidays are a time when family comes together, and people reflect on the relationships and the histories that make up their life and lineage. We take a look at how families are visualized through relational names, family trees and migration maps. Family Name Calling   Here is an interactive visual for those oft-perplexing…

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Digital Media Gift Guide

Gift guide blog- features image: camera, video editing, ehadphones, microphones, data tools, certificate courses.

If you’re looking for a gift to give your storyteller friends and family this season, or you are looking to treat yourself, take a peek at these picks recommended across the web. Audio     Headphones Discover Pods has a comprehensive list for 30 of the Best Podcast Headphones, including factors to consider when choosing…

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Visualizing Risk

Visualize the protection masks provide again covid with a calculator that calculates risks and more!

  As coronavirus case numbers continue to rise across the globe, we take a look at how COVID risk is being visualized. Calculate your potential risk, see how coronavirus is spread indoors, and the impact of wearing masks. Choose Your Own Risk   The microCOVID project is “a calculator that lets you estimate the risk of getting…

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Sound Design for Storytellers

Sound Design for Storytellers. Image contains a book with headphones with sound waves in the background

  Sound design is a crucial part of audio and video storytelling, giving depth and life to podcasts, film, audio books and more. Listen to real examples of podcasts that use sound effectively, find resources for your own productions, and learn the principles of sound design yourself.   Design-Heavy Podcasts   This list of 10…

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Mapping Elections

A plain white USA map with the background color divided into blue and red with the Berkeley Advanced Media Institute Logo at the bottom

  Maps are a key tool for visualizing data, but they have their limits. Consider these articles on why it can be problematic, a potential alternative, and a contest to enter if you’re up to the challenge this week.   Misleading Maps This New York Times Opinion piece: Election Maps Are Everywhere. Don’t Let Them…

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Multimedia Halloween

Multimedia Halloween graphic containing animated skull with headphones, cute ghosts with party hats, and blood.

  Here are assets for your multimedia productions on everything Halloween-related, and some podcasts to lend your ear to this season. Halloween By The Numbers     This comprehensive Halloween infographic from The Shelf tells you how much is spent on Halloween, the popularity of haunted houses by the age, and the top costumes by…

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Podcasts on Voting

Podcasts on Voting - Forum, Turnout

  Citizens exercising the right to vote is a key part of democracy. As we head into the U.S. Presidential election, many are focused on getting more people to vote. One of the ways to encourage voting is through podcasting. Here are a few podcasts that are focusing on getting people to vote through exploring…

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