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Stories in Sound with Ben Manilla

Stories in Sound with Ben Manilla December 9, 2015 As podcasting workshop alumna Nadine Sebai describes in the segment above, producing a successful podcast requires a few key ingredients, including a compelling story, narration and natural sounds, but award-winning radio journalist Ben Manilla knows the extra magic needed to bring an audio story to life. He’s sharing his wisdom on January 7 and 8 in Podcasting: Telling Stories in Sound. The certificate-earning course teaches a group of media professionals how to produce a one-minute ... Read more

Notes From The 19 Million Project

The author, Vicki Hammarstedt, was invited to The 19 Million Project that began on 2 November in Rome, Italy as the acting communications lead and executive editor of the summit. These are notes from her experience working together with Mariana Santos, founder of Chicas Poderosas and the director of animation and interactivity at Fusion, plus scores of other insightful people who came together to find innovative ways to raise awareness about the Mediterranean refugee crisis.  Notes From The 19 Million Project   Monday morning, 9 November 2016 I’m ... Read more

How to Build a Loyal Audience

It's not magic or witchcraft. With these simple to implement tips, Neil Patel illustrates how to build a loyal audience in an online environment. Courtesy of: Quick Sprout Read more

Apple’s ‘Your Verse’ Is a Case Study in Weaving Content Into Commerce

   September 5, 2014 By Tessa Wegert What will your verse be? It’s the question Apple asks their customers in their new content marketing campaign, a foray into brand storytelling that’s wholly centered on consumers and is woven into Apple’s commerce platform. Marketers have long known that involving the audience is a core principle of a good brand story. With their iconic “Think Different” ads, Apple has a history of making users of their products feel remarkable. Their latest effort is no exception. In January, Apple launched “Your ... Read more

5 Content Marketing Lessons from Journalists

   May 1, 2014 By Herbert Lui, Published on Contently Journalists have to engage readers. Their livelihood—literally—depends on it. That’s why they’ve spent decades perfecting the craft of making stories interesting to readers. Content marketing involves a similar challenge: engaging prospects or potential clients by telling stories related to their brand and the things their brand cares about. Here are a few lessons that content marketers can learn from journalists in order to improve their results: 1. PUT AS MUCH EFFORT INTO THE HEADLINE AS THE REST OF THE ARTICLE In ... Read more

Arts & Culture Storytelling on the Web: Tenacity and Tools Required

   February 26, 2014 By Gary Moskowitz A few months ago, Bloomberg laid off its theater critic and dismantled its culture desk to focus simply on "luxury." USC's Annenberg School is shutting down its Getty Arts Journalism fellowship program. Harvard's Nieman Fellowship in Arts & Culture Reporting no longer exists. In recent years, the Village Voice fired its film critic and the Washington Post nixed its standalone book reviews section. The great film critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times passed away last spring. ... Read more

Envisioning the Future

   August 15, 2013 By Vicki Hammarstedt Twelve years go by quickly. Launched in 2001, Berkeley Advanced Media Institute has been recognized as one of the world's premier multimedia training centers, providing journalists from around the world with the skills necessary to tell stories on new media platforms. Through our workshops and online tutorials, we've had the great privilege of training thousands of reporters, editors and other communications professionals on how to tell stories through video, photography, with data, via social media networks and more. Just ... Read more

June Multimedia Institute: What you’ll take away

  May 9, 2013 By Mitzi Mock Every June we host a two-week Multimedia Storytelling Institute designed to equip journalists, educators and other communications professionals with the skills they need to produce and distribute their own multimedia projects. For those hoping to learn new storytelling tools, the prospect of dedicating two weeks to a workshop can be both thrilling and daunting. On one hand it’s a chance to step away from your regular work life to develop new creative media skills. On the other hand, committing the time ... Read more

Alberto Cairo Presentation at the May 4th ” Data Journalism Symposium”

  Visual communications expert Alberto Cairo shares his slideshow presentation on the art of infographics. Presentation at Berkeley, May 4th, 2013 by Alberto Cairo Read more

LIVE Storify: Complexity & Context Data Journalism Symposium

 April 30, 2013 Google's Daniel Sieberg at the Complexity and Context Data Journalism Symposium on May 4, 2013. On May 4, 2013 Berkeley Advanced Media Institute we will be posting live highlights from our data journalism symposium. Follow our storify and share your thoughts on Twitter with hashtag #kdmcData.   Read more
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