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Webinar: Extending WordPress

In this follow-up to KDMC's March 2011 Independent Journalists workshop, webmaster Scot Hacker introduces three techniques to take your WordPress news site beyond the defaults.

Twitter for Journalists

Our new guide "Twitter for Journalists" demystifies the microblogging service, covering everything from signup and Twitter basics to hash tags, lists and retweets, to newsroom policies, best practices, and tips for community engagement.

June Web 2.0 Webcasts

Our June Web 2.0 workshop was a smashing success, and featured three excellent speakers: Grant Barrett on audience engagement, Burt Herman on Storify, Amy Gahran on mobile audiences. Webcast archives are now available.

WordPress Tutorials Galore

We've added more than 50 pages of tutorials, covering everything you need to run and manage your WordPress-based site.

May 2011 Webcasts

Our May 2011 Multimedia Workshop has come and gone, and was a smashing success. Our lunch and dinner presentations by prominent speakers are now available as archived webcasts.

Tutorial: Manage and protect your images with iPhoto

Step-by-step guide to improve the quality and organization of your photos.

In Search of the Perfect Twitter Client

There are dozens of 3rd-party Twitter clients on the market, and they all take different approaches to the same problem. KDMC staff set out to find the best Twitter client to teach journalists on.

Better timelines through editing

Tough editing makes TimelineSetter interactive timelines more effective.

March 2011 Webcasts, Alumni Video

Our March 2011 Independent Journalists Workshop has come and gone, and was a smashing success! Webcast archives from the lunch and evening public talks are now on line.

Tutorial: Building an Ad Platform with DFP

Ready to up the ante with your publication's ad serving system? Our in-depth tutorial on Google's DoubleClick for Publishers will get you up to speed quickly.

Own the Census in your community

News organizations are diving into the 2010 Decennial Census and the latest American Community Survey release. These orgs are spending a lot of time using some sophisticated (and frequently expensive) programs to develop the base information. Here's a plan on how to leverage that work to engage the community beyond the initial reporting and to create a new role ...

Census maps that resonate: Q&A with Bob Rebach

Interactive map led in page views for February.

February Webcasts

Our February Web 2.0 workshop has come and gone, and webcast archives of our panel discussions are now online, featuring Len de Groot on Data Visualization, Kim Komenich on the multimedia shooter's tool belt, Jerry Monti on mobile, and presenters from the Davis Wiki.

Can Quora Become a Useful Tool for Journalists?

Quora is an interesting combination of social network and knowledge base, optimized for finding answers to hard questions. But how useful is the site for working journalists?

January Webcasts

Webcast archives from our January Multimedia workshop are now available.

Highlights from the Interactive Census Workshop

Webcasts and work examples from our first data visualization workshop.

Welcome to Our Web Site Redesign

Our redesign simplifies our navigation and makes scanning through hundreds of videos and tutorials easier. We also added new features to help you learn from the work of others.

Census Workshop Webcasts

Our Interactive Census workshop featured a great lineup of speakers and presenters, and webcast archives are now online, featuring Dante Chinni of the Christian Science Monitor, William Frey of the Brookings Institute, Shan Carter from the New York Times, and Geoff McGhee, from Stanford University's Bill Lane Center for the American West. 

Behind the Scenes at NPR's Argo Network

Is it possible to share stories and data seamlessly between a dozen separate sites without expensive commercial content management systems? Here's how NPR's Argo network uses Django to unify a collection of independent affiliate sites running on WordPress.

Telling Stories in Different Mediums (and answering other questions about journalism)

I was contacted recently by a woman from University of West Scotland who was doing an assessment on the role of journalists in multimedia newsrooms, and she wanted to get an educator's perspective. She sent me the five following questions. I thought my responses might have broader interest, so I decided to use them in this week's blog post.