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Online News Association key training points

ONA looks at where journalism is headed. KDMC supports and attends the conference to share what we know and to learn from industry leaders. KDMC will build many of the ideas we gather into upcoming workshops. Here's my list of key points that will get covered in our workshops. What would you add?

URL Shorteners: Handle with Care

URL shorteners have become an essential tool on the modern web, but they come with their downsides. Scot Hacker explains when (and when not to) to use URL shortening services.

Flash vs. HTML5: What should journalists learn next?

There is a small war brewing in the multimedia journalism world between Flash and HTML5, and I'm not sure where things will end up.

Data, journalism and your career

What can a journalist do that provides high value to the news organization? What is the next tech skill that you can learn that will make you a "keeper" if there are more cutbacks? One answer to these questions is Data.

Protovis JavaScript Charts vs Google Gadgets

Can or should JavaScript data visualization libraries replace Google Gadgets?

Is Your CMS a Bottleneck to Innovation?

The biggest barrier to innovation in news publishing may not be time, money, or will, but the content management system itself.

KDMC Fellow to Oversee Online News Initiatives at the National Journal

David Beard (May '07) is joining the National Journal as Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Online Editor.  Beard will supervise the free and subscription sites, and work with the editorial team in the Journal's new digital-first newsroom.

Beard spent the last four years working for, the Boston Globe's sister online site, helping integrate its news, sports, business, feature ...

2010 Interactive Census Workshop

KDMC is proud to announce some of the guest speakers for its’ 2010 Interactive Census Workshop that will take place December 12-17 on the campus UC Berkeley. The workshop will emphasize four different visual techniques or ways to show Census data:

1. Tell stories with interactive GIS maps.

2. Clean and prepare U.S. Census data.

3. Create beautiful and ...

OC Register Immigration Series Springs from Census Data

Ron Campbell, an investigative reporter for The Orange County Register and a graduate of KDMC's April 2008 Technology Tools for Journalists Workshop, recently launched a four-part series on the impact of immigrants on the workforce.

The series, Immigrants and the California Economy, is based on a statistical analysis of four decades of census data. The first installment of the ...

iPad Journalism

Frances Rivetti and John Moore were the lucky winners of the Knight Digital Media Center (KDMC) drawing for two free iPads. KDMC workshop alums and their supervisors were entered into a lottery for the iPads by completing a post-training survey for the Center. Rivetti, an independent journalist, plans to use the iPad to boost her online work for the popular ...

Interactive Census Workshop

Interactive Census Workshop


The KDMC at UC Berkeley is offering a customized visual storytelling workshop to train journalists on new ways to process data from the 2010 Census. Fellows will illustrate the information using visualization and mapping tools to create a clearer, more meaningful picture of the complex statistics gathered in the national survey.

In this intensive six-day workshop, you will learn to ...

InvestigateWest Co-Founder Probes the Startup Mindset

News entrepreneur Rita Hibbard (Dec '09) wrote a probing retrospective on the sense and sensibility needed to operate a successful news start-up. 

Hibbard, executive director and editor of InvestigateWest, a Seattle-based non-profit investigative news organization covering the environment, health and social justice, said running a startup requires extreme creativity.

Looking back on the first year of operating the news ...

Jose Antonio Vargas Adds Filmmaking to His Credits

Jose Antonio Vargas, a KDMC workshop fellow (May '06) and presenter (May '08 & Dec '09) has a new appellation to add to his ever-evolving title: filmmaker.

Jose has co-produced a feature-length film with director Susan Koch that is currently making the festival circuit. The documentary, The Other City, examines the escalating rate of HIV/AIDS infection among African Americans in ...

The Mystery of Huguette Clark and Her Millions

Bill Dedman (Jan '08) published a second installment of his investigative report on the reclusive, 104-year-old heiress Huguette Clark and what's to come of her vast fortune.

Dedman, an investigative reporter for, first reported the story of Huguett, the mysterious heiress who has sequestered herself from the world for the past 50 years, as an annotated 47 ...

Tech Tools Workshop Grad Leads's Social Media Effort, the eagerly anticipated Washington DC-based multimedia local news start up shot out the gate Monday with KDMC alum Mandy Jenkins (Feb ’09) driving its social media strategy. is being closely watched by those in the industry for a variety of reasons, chief among them is that it fully integrates social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook ...

Alums Lead Seattle Digital Literacy Initiative

Sarah Stuteville (May '10) and Jessica Partnow (Dec '06), who were both fellows and presenters in the KDMC's Multimedia Reporting and Convergence workshops, have partnered with the University of Washington's Department of Communication to provide digital media literacy training to K-12 students in Seattle.

The Seattle Digital Literacy Initiative training program will be housed at the University of ...

Web 2.0 Workshop Alum Heppermann Wins Rosalyn Carter Scholarship

KDMC workshop alum Ann Heppermann (Feb '10) is among six journalists named as 2010-2011 Rosalyn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism recipients. The prestigious fellowship awards stipends of $10,000 to journalists from the United States, Romania and South Africa to report on topics related to mental health or mental illnesses.

Ann, a multiple award-winning independent radio producer, has plans ...

Takahashi Wins Scholarship to Poynter Programming Workshop

Congratulations to Corey Takahashi (Mar '10 and May '09) on receiving a scholarship from Hacks/Hackers to attend The Poynter Institute's workshop Programming for Journalists/Journalism for Programming

Takahashi, a Los Angeles-based independent journalist who attended the KDMC's Multimedia Reporting Workshop and the Web Publishing for Independent Journalists Workshop, has multiple works in play, including an interactive multimedia ...

News Start-Up Run by Alums Profiled in CJR

The Columbia Journalism Review published a profile of the accomplishments of InvestigateWest's first year of operation. The CJR article commends the Seattle-based investigative news site, co-founded by KDMC@Berkeley workshop graduates Rita Hibbard (Dec '09) Robert McClure (Jan '10) and Kristen Young (Jun '10), for establishing respectability and esteem from news partners in the region. Rita Hibbard is also ...

Addict Fed Up, Pleads Up to Receive Drug Treatment

Djamila Grossman, staff photographer for the Odgen, Utah Standard-Examiner, produced a compelling video story, accompanied by a text story, of Damon Conrow, a young Heroin addict who made the drastic decision to plead to a higher criminal charge in order to enter the Central Utah Correctional Facility's substance abuse treatment program. 

Djmila used a variety of techniques to amplify ...