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Ready To Choose Your Podcast Format?

If you're considering creating a podcast, the first step is to think about the format that will best tell your story. While there are many podcast formats, choosing the right one is crucial for engaging your audience and keeping them coming back for more.
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Data visualization in health care. image contains people standing in a line. background has a bar chart.

Data Visualization in Healthcare

  As the race to finish a coronavirus vaccine draws near, people are asking the question: Who gets it first? Choosing priority is nothing new to healthcare systems – triage and patient management are important skills to hospitals and systems at large. What factors into those decisions? Data visualization in healthcare works as it does…
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Ideas For Podcasting

  If you want to start a podcast, but not quite sure where to start, or if you are interested in adding new segments that change up the feel of your current podcast, check out these articles below. There are also ideas to help you promote your new podcast. A New Idea     This…
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Family Visualization Featured image containing all the images included in this blog

Family Dynamics Visualized

  The holidays are a time when family comes together, and people reflect on the relationships and the histories that make up their life and lineage. We take a look at how families are visualized through relational names, family trees and migration maps. Family Name Calling   Here is an interactive visual for those oft-perplexing…
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Gift guide blog- features image: camera, video editing, ehadphones, microphones, data tools, certificate courses.

Digital Media Gift Guide

If you’re looking for a gift to give your storyteller friends and family this season, or you are looking to treat yourself, take a peek at these picks recommended across the web. Audio     Headphones Discover Pods has a comprehensive list for 30 of the Best Podcast Headphones, including factors to consider when choosing…
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Visualize the protection masks provide again covid with a calculator that calculates risks and more!

Visualizing Risk

  As coronavirus case numbers continue to rise across the globe, we take a look at how COVID risk is being visualized. Calculate your potential risk, see how coronavirus is spread indoors, and the impact of wearing masks. Choose Your Own Risk   The microCOVID project is “a calculator that lets you estimate the risk of getting…
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Sound Design for Storytellers. Image contains a book with headphones with sound waves in the background

Sound Design for Storytellers

  Sound design is a crucial part of audio and video storytelling, giving depth and life to podcasts, film, audio books and more. Listen to real examples of podcasts that use sound effectively, find resources for your own productions, and learn the principles of sound design yourself.   Design-Heavy Podcasts   This list of 10…
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A plain white USA map with the background color divided into blue and red with the Berkeley Advanced Media Institute Logo at the bottom

Mapping Elections

  Maps are a key tool for visualizing data, but they have their limits. Consider these articles on why it can be problematic, a potential alternative, and a contest to enter if you’re up to the challenge this week.   Misleading Maps This New York Times Opinion piece: Election Maps Are Everywhere. Don’t Let Them…
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Multimedia Halloween graphic containing animated skull with headphones, cute ghosts with party hats, and blood.

Multimedia Halloween

  Here are assets for your multimedia productions on everything Halloween-related, and some podcasts to lend your ear to this season. Halloween By The Numbers     This comprehensive Halloween infographic from The Shelf tells you how much is spent on Halloween, the popularity of haunted houses by the age, and the top costumes by…
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Podcasts on Voting - Forum, Turnout

Podcasts on Voting

  Citizens exercising the right to vote is a key part of democracy. As we head into the U.S. Presidential election, many are focused on getting more people to vote. One of the ways to encourage voting is through podcasting. Here are a few podcasts that are focusing on getting people to vote through exploring…
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Interactive Data Visualization Tools

Interactive Data Visualizations

  Data visualizations make the complex more accessible. The illustration of data as charts, graphs, maps and graphics can give us new ways to look at information, and potentially gain more insight. By incorporating interactive elements into the visualizations, audiences can further experience what the data has to show. Here are a few examples of…
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Data Visualization Tools: Datawrapper, Tableau Public, OpenRefine, TimelineJS, Chartbuilder, ColorBrewer

Free Data Visualization Tools

  Learning to work with data might be complex, but it doesn’t have to be costly. While there are paid tools and services that offer full functionality and might meet the needs of power users or businesses, there are many robust free and open source solutions out there to try.   Here are a handful…
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Voting in Visuals

  How do we tell complex stories? Let’s explore this question by looking through data visualizations created for the 2020 presidential election. Before getting to these examples, let’s understand what we mean by data visualization. Data visualization can be a compelling way to communicate the complexities of information through graphs, charts, maps, and other visuals.…
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Tax deductions for educational expenses. Picture includes a Tax form with a magnifying glass that shows money being cut. On the right is a picture of a laptop with a notebook which has an image showing a person giving money to another.

Employer Funded Training

  If you’re employed and want to take a course or workshop to boost your skillset, you should be aware that your employer might pay for it. Here are some resources to help you write off your education expenses through employer funded training.    Justifying Your Training   Your employer may or may not have…
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Images visualizing fires in the west. California map. Global warming. Trees. Data visualization

Visualization of Fires in the West

  Wildfires have raged across California and the Pacific Northwest, burning millions of acres. Let’s take a look at ways to visualize the impact of these fires.   100 Years of Burning     Watch how data visualization was used to portray the change of the severity and frequency of fires in this animated map…
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  What does it take to gain an education online? As distance learning becomes the norm, it becomes more necessary to adapt, evolve and maximize the experience of learning remotely.   Reinventing Education Fast Company’s series on the current state of schools and learning, Reinventing Education, explores “the ongoing efforts to keep children safe in…
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MIT course, coronavirus, learning untranslatable words, morning java, how does nature enhance our resilience?, courses for beginners

Expanded Education

  Now more than ever, we are living in virtual spaces. Many people work remotely, socialize over devices and go to school online. The latter has many pitfalls and struggles, but it opens up the possibility to learn things never before accessible. Here are some courses, lectures, and resources for expanding your knowledge base.  …
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Design Thinking For Innovation

Design thinking is a powerful tool, available to anyone, for creative problem solving and innovation.
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Spring 2019 Workshops Announced!

  This spring, Berkeley Advanced Media Institute is producing eight exceptional workshops in multi-media storytelling. Designed for the career professional, Berkeley Advanced Media Institute specializes in multi-media instruction including; documentary filmmaking, podcast story development, advanced video editing, visual story creation using your iPhone and data visualization. Every workshop is developed to inspire creativity and increase…
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Podcast Listeners are Loyal, Affluent & Educated

Podcast Listeners are Loyal, Affluent & Educated   From: For more insights visit:   Nielsen Q1 2018 Podcast Insights (pdf)  & Edison Research Infinite Dial 2018 (pdf)   [arrow_forms id=’2559′]
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7 Podcast Series to Get You Started

7 PODCAST SERIES TO GET YOU STARTED New to podcasts and want to get started with something interesting and captivating? Here is the list of 7 podcast series we’re listening to right now. The Why Factor • Genre: Science, Psychology, Explained • Content: Each week, listeners are presented with an idea and topic of human-centered interest and…
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Apply Now for Local News Bootcamps When the old model is broken, what will work in its place? The answer is nothing will work, but everything might. Now is the time for lots and lots of experiments.— Clay Shirky Matter was founded in 2012 as a place for experiments in media to happen, from both…
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Sharing Audio on Social Media: Anchor vs. Audiogram Generator

Sharing Audio on Social Media: Anchor vs. Audiogram A question that still puzzles many podcasters and audio storytellers is: how do I distribute audio on social media? With platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that thrive on visual posts, audio can easily be buried in your audience’s feeds. Many audio producers have resorted to…
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Podcast proliferation drives greater need for audio skills

Podcast proliferation drives greater need for audio skills Nearly a quarter of Americans are listening to at least one podcast a month—that’s more than use Twitter. That’s one of the findings from Edison Research’s 2017 Infinite Dial report, which charts digital media consumption in the U.S. The study shows podcast listenership is continuing its steady…
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Shaping the Future

Rise Up Be Heard Fellowship The UC Berkeley Advanced Media Institute played host earlier this month to an enthusiastic class of reporters-in-training: eleven young members of online and cable news outlet Fusion’s Rise Up Be Heard fellowship program, who came to Berkeley to hone their video skills. Now in its second year, the Rise Up…
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Take yourself on a 360° tour of the largest fully-steerable telescope in the world.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Shooting a 360° video requires you to abandon all that you ever knew about shooting video. No close-ups. No angles. No focal lengths.   Chris Schodt, multimedia expert & video producer, explores the nuances of 360° video during a recent shoot in a remote region of West Virginia. This past March, he ventured out…
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Experimenting With Bots

Experimenting With Bots Tawanda Kanhema has a thing for apps. Facebook Messenger apps, to be specific. In November, Kanhema, was a part of the AJ+ team who developed a messaging bot for Election Day 2016. “We were looking for ideas on how to cover the election differently beyond just creating video and media posts,” said…
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Podcast Production Services

Podcast Production Services Podcasting is the new “gold” in digital media. As a medium it’s easily consumable- we are able to multitask while listening, and podcasts are available on a multitude of mobile devices.  With the increase for this on-demand audio there is a need for more-high quality professional podcasts to be produced. As with any…
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We tried audio transcription software Trint. Here’s what we found.

  We tried audio transcription software Trint. Here’s what we found. Transcription of audio & video recordings can be a mundane, time-consuming process that is important but often performed begrudgingly. We tested out cloud-based software Trint, which automatically transcribes audio from podcasts or audio recordings and audio from video, saving users hours of work. Why is…
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5 Reasons to Start Using iPhone Video

5 Reasons to Start Using iPhone Video by Diane Villadsen 1) It’s compact. You can still produce and edit high-quality videos on the go, without having to bring lots of heavy gear with you. With just a pocket-sized device and a few accessories, you have a powerful video production suite that can travel with you.…
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What You Should Keep When Selling Your Film

What You Should Keep When Selling Your Documentary Film By Anna Darrah & Jilann Spitzmiller With film distribution evolving as quickly as technology is adapting to meet consumers’ needs, it’s a tough time to keep up with the best way to get your film out to the world. The great thing is that any and…
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What to Expect at our Podcasting Workshop

What to Expect at our Podcasting Workshop Many people consider the process of audio production to be daunting: monitoring levels and splicing together a recording in Adobe Audition is a foreign experience to most. Ben Manilla, long-time radio personality and podcasting instructor, understands those challenges and quickly puts students’ minds at ease. That’s one reason…
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Watch Now: The 6-Year Photo Quest

An Interview with Richard Koci Hernandez   Watch Richard Koci Hernandez, Berkeley Advanced Media Institute instructor and multimedia expert, tell the story of the photo that took him six years to capture. The photo, which was taken right outside the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, is the result of Koci waiting six years for the…
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Engage your Audience with New Media

Engage your Audience with New Media Imagine a college student attempting to watch a silent film today. Their mind would struggle to focus on something without sound, color, gifs, scrolling! Even sitting a 20-something down in front of a website from 10 years ago wouldn’t hold their interest for long. The tastes of today’s audiences are…
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Ben Manilla on the Power of Podcasting

Ben Manilla on the Power of Podcasting An expert in creative sound production, Ben Manilla teaches the Podcasting: Telling Stories in Sound workshop at the Berkeley Advanced Media Institute. In this video interview, he shares his insight into what makes audio storytelling so powerful. According to a recent study released by Edison Research, 1 in…
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Video Interview with 3-Time Workshop Alumna Christine Sarkis on Social Media Growth

Video Interview with 3-Time Workshop Alumna Christine Sarkis on Social Media Growth Christine Sarkis, Senior Editor at Smarter Travel, has attended three Berkeley AMI workshops: Social Media for Content Creators, Mobile Media: Producing Visual Stories on the iPhone, and Podcasting: Telling Stories in Sound. She has produced multiple videos for Smarter Travel – all on…
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Berkeley Advanced Media Institute & Berkeley Tableau User Group Present: Lutz Finger

Berkeley Advanced Media Institute & Berkeley Tableau User Group Present: Lutz Finger Reserve your seat Berkeley Advanced Media Institute has partnered with Berkeley Tableau User Group to bring Lutz Finger, renowned data scientist, to Berkeley. He will be presenting a keynote on the future of data and the media industry. All are welcome to attend the…
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5 Ways to Tell a Story in 2016

5 Ways to Tell a Story in 2016 It’s been a while since we relied on gathering around the fire to hear a story. People now turn to many forms of digital media to get the information they want to know. Here are 4 important storytelling tools to make use of in 2016: 1. VIDEO…
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Stories in Sound with Ben Manilla

Stories in Sound with Ben Manilla December 9, 2015 As podcasting workshop alumna Nadine Sebai describes in the segment above, producing a successful podcast requires a few key ingredients, including a compelling story, narration and natural sounds, but award-winning radio journalist Ben Manilla knows the extra magic needed to bring an audio story to life.…
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How to Build a Loyal Audience

It’s not magic or witchcraft. With these simple to implement tips, Neil Patel illustrates how to build a loyal audience in an online environment. Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
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Dictation Recorders

Learn to use small portable recorders to keep voice notes.
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Arts & Culture Storytelling on the Web: Tenacity and Tools Required

   February 26, 2014 By Gary Moskowitz A few months ago, Bloomberg laid off its theater critic and dismantled its culture desk to focus simply on “luxury.” USC’s Annenberg School is shutting down its Getty Arts Journalism fellowship program. Harvard’s Nieman Fellowship in Arts & Culture Reporting no longer exists. In recent years, the Village…
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June 2013 Multimedia Institute: What you’ll take away

Multimedia Storytellers Join The Institute Every June we host a two-week Multimedia Storytelling Institute designed to equip journalists, educators and other communications professionals with the skills they need to produce and distribute their own multimedia projects. For those hoping to learn new storytelling tools, the prospect of dedicating two weeks to a workshop can be both thrilling and…
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Alberto Cairo Presentation at the May 4th ” Data Journalism Symposium”

  Visual communications expert Alberto Cairo shares his slideshow presentation on the art of infographics. Presentation at Berkeley, May 4th, 2013 by Alberto Cairo
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Q&A with Alberto Cairo: Exploring the art and ethics of infographics

   April 18, 2013 By Mitzi Mock We’re only two weeks away from our data journalism symposium. Have you registered, yet? In the meantime, we’ve been checking in with our symposium speakers, who are giving us a preview of their presentations and offering their musings on the field of data visualization. Earlier this week we spoke to Code…
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